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A Beverage Brand Experience that Leveraged Large Retail Relationships

SURPRISE + DELIGHT: THAT’S NOT AS EASY AS IT USED TO BE. MOTO DELIVERED. / We worked with the Good Folks at Good Karma Foods to extend their brand through an online experience for the holidays. They wanted to celebrate their important relationship with Target stores by creating a destination that not only featured creative dairy-free recipes made with their Flaxmilk products, but also showcased all the wonderful holiday table settings + home decor. From the strategy, online approach, and copywriting, through the creation of the app that fueled the fascination for the campaign, Moto delivered just in time for the greatest impact possible.

"Moto is great! They've helped us create a strong, user-friendly website that conveys our brand. Moto is easy to work with and great at communicating. I'd strongly recommend them."
—Julie Denison, Good Karma Foods

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