Brightworks / Sustainable Brand Design

A BRAND FOR LEADERS / Brightworks is a small group of cutting-edge sustainability consultants that are leading the way in LEED certification. Brightworks' LEED™ green building projects include some of the most prominent new buildings on the west coast, and they needed to show the same forward thinking shared by their market. They chose Moto to help them forge a new logo to represent that ambition. What a perfect fit. That's exactly what we offer: specialized experience without the overhead expense of a large agency.

VISION, PATIENCE & CREATIVE STRENGTH / The folks at Brightworks are creative by nature, in what they do. They're also very strategy focused. Their solution needed to show their forward thinking, their mastery of working with spaces, balancing needs with wants, and efficiency with desire. Our solutions delivered.

"When we first started working with Moto, I could tell that they cared about the results on their own terms as well as ours. They've kept that approach over the years and it shows. Thanks guys."
—Scott Lewis, Founder & CEO, Brightworks

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